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Butt Plugs: A Love Story

Updated: May 16

The first real date I had with that guy when I made the wild and insane decision to move to Redding was at Centerfolds.


Yes. Red Flag # 1 out of # 165156321564513546541. Thanks, I was blinded completely.


Anyways, I had never been to a strip club before. I know… a girl from Las Vegas who had never walked into a single strip club until the ripe old age of 33. Way weird. I desperately needed that cherry popped and low and behold it was at freaking Centerfolds in Chico. Winning.


As I sat there trying to enjoy the, uh, sterile atmosphere, I noticed there was only one dancer that I really liked. So we made our way to the stage when she came on, set our dollar bills down and proceeded to take in this magnificent blonde creature as she moved. She moved her way down to the floor like dripping molasses with absolute grace and mesmerizing silk… and bent over right in front of me.


To this day I will never forget my amazement and excitement as I looked around to make sure others just saw what I saw too. Oh boy, they sure as hell did. Sparkling like a rare diamond in a pile of dark, hairless sand was a bejeweled butt plug in that stripper’s ass.


I don’t know about anyone else, but sparkly things make me so….. wet with excitement.


A $20 bill was handed to me and this specimen of a man I was becoming hooked on told me to go get my first lap dance from her. We got her attention, and she motioned me to the back room. She proceeded to ask me a couple of questions of what I would like. I laughed with nervousness and then blurted out:


“I don’t want a dance. I just want you to bend over me and let me grab that thing with my teeth!”


Her and I both looked at each other and started to go into hysterical laughter together. She agreed.


So here I am looking up with her ass above my face and she is spreading her soft butt cheeks as she slowly squatted down to my mouth. “Don’t worry, it’s just a medium, just be gentle.” She explained. I opened my mouth as wide as I could as if I was about to be inspected by a dentist. My teeth barely wrapped around that sucker,

and I gave it a gentle tug. My little stripper friend gasped, and we erupted in laughter once again.


Butt plugs. They became my new obsession after that moment. Exotic pole dance became my second obsession right after that too.


This picture was taken of me buying my very first jeweled butt plug in the summer of 2021.


The rest is history.

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