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Diary of the Soul Snatching Pleasure Toy

When I bought this business in May of 2023, I reached out to all of my close friends and colleagues at the time to see what they would like in this store. Many of them said, if you sell that damn rose toy, then people will…. Cum. At the time I was not aware of this particular pleasure toy myself. I just knew that I had to start with this product to gain some kind of attention. Let the ordering begin.


All of my customers have sworn that the infamous Rose toy will snatch your soul right up through your clitoris. I have a lesbian friend who told me her tales of making other women cum, but she could never cum with anyone… until she used The Rose. Personally, I am super sensitive. I swear I lose my virginity with a tampon!


I couldn’t even begin to fathom having a beautiful flower sucking my soul through my clit. I am WAY too sensitive for all that business! However, as time went on and the samples kept coming in (no pun intended), my curiosity got the best of me.


I tried it. Well, I tried the handheld life force clitoris destroyer 1000 that is in the shape of a weed pipe. Same thing. Kind of. I tell you what though. The first time was pretty intense. So intense that I was shaking in my office for a good hour afterwards from the intense long and drawn-out orgasm that lasted what felt like forever.


Did I mention that I test out my toys on my Only Fans?


That video has been posted. My husband even said that he has never seen me cum that hard, ever. An entire minute and thirty seconds is my reaction to these cum sucking life force destroyers of all clitoris' 1000. I cannot watch it myself, but I heard it made for great content.


Soul snatching. Yep, that’s it. Cum see me…

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