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Her Name is Brittany

Yes, it is called The Brittany Rumbling Thumping Dream and she took my breath away.

Well, I gave it a few breaths. She is a force to be reckoned with! To be fair, I made fun of this hott pink and teal contraption of a pleasure toy.

She makes a really weird sound. Like, Yoshi from Super Mario. It's that one that you will never forget because of that unique sound.

On the inside, however, it completely disappears. The angle and size of this toy is by far perfect for me. The vibration for clitoral stimulation is also amazingly placed and it does not take much to send you flying!

The handle is the best part. Whether you are playing by yourself or with others, it is ergonomically comfortable to operate. Silky smooth silicone as well. Also my favorite colors.

This one will give you quite the bang for your buck! Cum see me at the shop!

Watch my sampling here: STEPHDDD OnlyFans

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