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Say Hello to My Little..... Purple Pee Pee Eater

These new toys aren't the way grandma remembers them.

With every new shipment I receive, I make sure the companies kick down a tester or two so I can have the pleasure of interacting with my customers with one.... and one for myself. There's no way that I can sell something that I have not tried myself with a straight face that it is worth it. This is especially when it comes to toys.

First, love this color. I personally love it when my hair is this color, but that's not the point here. And yes, the remote is absolutely necessary. My advice is finding a good place that you aren't able to ride it, but to glide it in horizontally. Your neighbor's wall is not advised for this rambunctious ride either. More like on the wall of the bathtub or shower, a wall that has no residences on the other side, and/or a full-length mirror secured for said wall to get that visual with the angle. I prefer the mirror (see @kisssthisss69 on OF).

Second, I feel that it is way bigger than it looks. Texture wise, it is pleasantly squishy which is great for someone where big things are hard to get into this tight space of mine.

Anyways, the remote. Have that remote handy because trying to alter the modes one handed is ridiculous and will kill the buzz. On a scale of 1 to 10: I give it an 8. I'm too sensitive for this ride and cum scale for this bunny was 25 seconds and ride was done!

I have plenty on sale at the shop. Cum see me.... they're 20% off!

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