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The Insatiable Dick Pic

Many of my followers know that I attract the weird and the strange. I always have long before opening this store for the weird and the strange. However, I do have a tendency to attract a lot of men more so than women. Most of these men usually always send me that picture that every girl dreads, the insatiable dick pic.


Why do men do this to us?!


Seriously, if I want to see your wrinkly chode, then a woman of my grandiose self-confidence would absolutely ask for one! I’ve seen it all folks. The short and stubby Jabba the Hut winking first thing in the morning. The veiny ‘good morning beautiful’ pics of a giant third leg that would come out of my throat it’s so big dick pic. All the way down to masturbation videos of these guys supposedly nutting off to my pictures.


I could go on and on, but for fuck sake lads. Keep that bullshit to yourself!


It is a big world of different dicks out there ladies. If you find yourself being the lucky receiver of these massive or downsized cocks, then I guess we should consider ourselves… blessed. I mean, according to them right?


Can any man reading this explain to us women why though? Asking for a friend…

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