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Elevate intimacy because you deserve it.

Silky smooth texture that effortlessly glides over your skin. Enhances every touch and supports the connection between you and your partner.

Measured pump

Single-hand use. Our pump dispenses the perfect amount every time. Start with a little, it goes a long way for sex, style and sport.

Focus on quality

FDA 510k & MDD registered medical device.

Safe & Simple

Latex and Polyisoprene Compatible. Free of animal products, parabens, alcohol, gluten, glycerin, scents, and flavors. Uberlube is anhydrous, meaning without water, so it doesn't have pH or osmolality.

Smooth and silky

No Sticky Residue. Vitamin E leaves a soft, moisturized feel. You’ll be glad to keep uberlube on the bedside table.


Pure, Premium Silicone Lube - Uniquely designed to transfer sensation and reduce friction for men and women.

US made

Developed, produced, tested, and bottled in our Chicago-based lab

Uberlube 112 ml Bottle

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